Pre Launch Properties - Things you should know! Why and How!

Wondering why good properties always high in price and sold out fast?
There is very low chance of acquire a good units during the property soon to be complete or completed.
Most important! even available, it will be at extremely high in price!

Here the reason!
Units open for sales before advertisement and finalize floor plan permit available.

For Investor
Wish to get the best units, to be priority to choose the unit upon launch.
Invest in low price, upon completion, earn and resell upon completion.

For Developer
To securely build the project as units sold, reduced the risk of fail to sell upon completion.
Improve project with support of confirmed investor/future residents as factors to provide further development of the facilities i.e. community project, commercial project.

In the summary, what is the mission behind? To increase the value of the property that invested.

What is our role?
To gain the best potential project for your investment choice.
Assist you on registration as part of priority investor by securing thru minimum cheque deposit.
Follow up on your behalf in guide you to choose a units, proceed with documentation SPA and other administrations.

Congratulation to new homes owners. Here you go successfully invest in your dream properties.

How can you earn?
Current property project will take around 3years to full completions.
Your purchase during prelaunch @ best price or with early birds discount (optional).
Upon others realise of such potential property built, the price usually increased for 10%-25%.

In example,

RM 300 psf of a units of 1000sf
price per unit will be RM 300,000

Early birds - 5% discount
RM 15,000 earned

upon completion in 3 years
The price will be easily increase to 15% of which the property price became RM 45
RM 45 x 1000sf = RM 45 000

Mean that a property can earn RM 45k-60k, what about a priority units with better view? size and facilities?
It can be more than this amount. Act now to source for your units today.  email us at