Monday, April 25, 2011

Wan Tan Mee Business in before 80's 90's 00's 10's

Business in 80's - easy in buy to sell or buy, process and sell. Profits from selling after deduct cost, will be use to spend on families. A bowl of wan tan mee @ $0.15. Chinese tea is either foc or $0.10.
There is no such thing of special taste, new recipe, but the business is great, cook is the boss, cashier, waiter or waitress.

"Taukeh, tolong kira" said the customer
"ok boss! sekejap lagi mari.... ok, dua wantan mee tiga kupang. kam sia!" said the boss.

Done deal....

In 90's here come the business, still buy to sell or buy, process and sell, however the cost is much higher and the selling price is high. After cost, still wages for waiter/waitress, expenses. Chinese tea is at price of $0.20 and wan tan mee at $2.50 per plate.

Now the different....
'excuse me, bill pls' said the customer
'two wan tan mee and two chinese tea, total $5.40 pls' said the waitress.
Now the boss waiting at cashier to collect money.... count the bill.
deal is complete, but not done yet as the boss is with all the cash book count and count how much i earn today...

In 00's here come the millenium business, no one interested on conventional wan tan mee, need to add different, fresh prawn wan tan mee, organic meat noodles, cook through diamond water. After cost, still wages for waiter/waitress, expenses, tax, reno. Chinese tea is at price of RM0.40 and wan tan mee at RM4.50 per plate.

What is different?
Waiter, " sir, RM 9.80, please pay upon the food is serve"
Waiter collect the payment to cashier and cashier busy check on cash register tok tok tokk...receipt printing.
Boss is in office asking manager what is total tax to be paid, what is outstanding loan is pending?

10's, the noodles is made of pure duck eggs, spinach, organic ingredient. Consume a wantan mee and stand a chance to win a trip to travel! cost, wages, rental, renovation, tax, promotion advertisement, high class environment equipment. Chinese tea at RM 3.00 and wantan mee at RM 12.90 per plate.

"Sir, you would like to pay through credit card?" said the waiter
"Join our members and stand a chance to instant win of 50% discount" said the manager

Boss is busy with different branches handling. Checking in computer, what is my potential of profit today at smart sql, total 15 branch profit is RM XX,XXX.00.

Can you imagine of the time change? why a plate of noodle worth $0.15 change to RM 12.90 today? can the boss cook and serve and collect the cash of 15 branches at once?

With our real time monitoring, Mr. Boss can manage 15 branches at one time.
no longer worries -
calculator burn
day end paper works
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who steal my money???
what is out of stock?
why other can have many branch but not me?

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